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Welcome To O’Lover Hats

O’Lover Hats produces finely crafted hats and radical head ornaments.  With styles and trims that bend eras in time with the masculine and feminine, hat maker, owner Elwyn Crawford playfully calls them “agents of transformation”.

Featured Collection

Our Fall 2013 collection is made from beautiful American and Czech Republic fur felts that are warm, cozy and durable.  These styles can be dressed up or dressed down to complete any outfit.  Everyday modern hats for the creative minority.
I haven’t posted in a while since O’Lover Hats has been in the middle of a deep transition that I was not ready to unveil. I’ve been working with design software and the lasers at TechShop, redeveloping my artisan product line with new technologies, as well as applying to graduate programs in search of a concentrated environment for invention.  I’m happy to announce that I have been accepted into the MFA in Design Technology at Parsons School of Design, and will be leaving the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in August to attend this course of study at their Paris campus.
We’ve been working hard, putting the finishing touches on the new website. Our e-commerce platform choice is proving to be great.  Big thanks to Shopify for working out so many kinks and making it easy for us to do what we do best, making beautiful hats.     Thank you to Michael Charles Brown and Roxie Shohadaee for helping with the graphics and IT!
O’Lover Hats is raising money through the crowd funding platform Indiegogo and we need your support. Back this project to contribute to the belief that making local, high quality products is good for healthy economies and thriving communities. Through this campaign, O’Lover Hats will expand to comprise Oakland’s ONLY hatter’s workshop, with an apprenticeship program, and plans for global hat distribution. Think Global, Hat Local We are creating a sustainable hat company; one that makes super stylish headwear; one that upholds the artisan practice of our trade while bringing it into the 21st century. Our workshop will have a training program to support the continuation of the art of hand crafting hats.

How To Use Your IRA To Invest In Gold

An individual retirement account (IRA) provides an individual with the ability to invest in a tax advantaged manner either through deferring the tax impact of gains into later years or through investing in tax advantaged ways. Unlike 401k plans, IRAs allow individuals to invest in a wide variety of funds or investment options. Some investors seek the stability provided by gold and seek to add gold to their portfolio, as well as the inflationary benefits of owning gold and the added diversification that it provides to your retirement assets. While you cannot use your IRA account to purchase gold coins that you deposit in a safe deposit box, thergold irae are alternative ways of investing in gold in your IRA account.

Common Stocks in Companies Dealing in Gold

Certain investors attempt to obtain exposure to gold by investing in mining companies that extract gold from the ground. These mining companies own mining rights or areas where there are both known and unknown gold reserves that are extracted by the mining company. When gold increases in value, the mining company earns more money that it distributes through dividends or the stock price appreciates, thereby providing the investor with exposure to gold. Despite the exposure to gold provided by a gold mining company, there are limitations associated with owning a gold mining company. The first is that these gold miners often mine other metals which may not be correlated with gold prices. Secondly, there are company specific risks such as the quality of company management or the quality of the mine that can also impact the stock price of the mining company. As such, situations may occur where gold appreciates in value but the gold mining stock decreases. This can work to your advantage however as quality management can outperform gold prices by having a lean and efficient operation. However, a benefit to owning a gold mining company is that they are easy to purchase in your IRA account and provide some exposure to gold.

Gold ETFs

A recently new financial innovation is an investment vehicle known as an electronically traded fund (ETF). ETFs act similar to mutual funds in some situations where an individual purchases a share in an ETF which then makes investments on behalf of the investor. ETFs typically have lower fees than mutual funds and are easy to purchase in an IRA. There are some that provide exposure to a variety of different investment classes including gold. One of the better ways to invest in gold through an gold ETF is by owning shares in an ETF that holds gold bullion. The ETF will effectively purchase gold bars and store them at warehouses, charging an investor a storage and management fee. If the value of the gold it holds increases, the gold ETF increases in value, thereby providing investors with a directly correlated gold investment.


There are many different ways that an investor can own gold through an IRA account including the purchase of a gold mining company or through ownership of an gold ETF that acquires and stores gold bullion. Convert your IRA to gold using one of these investment vehicles and benefit from the inflation hedge and added diversification gold provides to investors saving for retirement.