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O’Lover Hats produces finely crafted hats and radical head ornaments.  With styles and trims that bend eras in time with the masculine and feminine, hat maker, owner Elwyn Crawford playfully calls them “agents of transformation”.

Featured Collection

Our Fall 2013 collection is made from beautiful American and Czech Republic fur felts that are warm, cozy and durable.  These styles can be dressed up or dressed down to complete any outfit.  Everyday modern hats for the creative minority.
I haven’t posted in a while since O’Lover Hats has been in the middle of a deep transition that I was not ready to unveil. I’ve been working with design software and the lasers at TechShop, redeveloping my artisan product line with new technologies, as well as applying to graduate programs in search of a concentrated environment for invention.  I’m happy to announce that I have been accepted into the MFA in Design Technology at Parsons School of Design, and will be leaving the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in August to attend this course of study at their Paris campus.
We’ve been working hard, putting the finishing touches on the new website. Our e-commerce platform choice is proving to be great.  Big thanks to Shopify for working out so many kinks and making it easy for us to do what we do best, making beautiful hats.     Thank you to Michael Charles Brown and Roxie Shohadaee for helping with the graphics and IT!
O’Lover Hats is raising money through the crowd funding platform Indiegogo and we need your support. Back this project to contribute to the belief that making local, high quality products is good for healthy economies and thriving communities. Through this campaign, O’Lover Hats will expand to comprise Oakland’s ONLY hatter’s workshop, with an apprenticeship program, and plans for global hat distribution. Think Global, Hat Local We are creating a sustainable hat company; one that makes super stylish headwear; one that upholds the artisan practice of our trade while bringing it into the 21st century. Our workshop will have a training program to support the continuation of the art of hand crafting hats.

Using Vitamin-C To Repair Damaged Skin

skin careAcknowledged the whole world over as among the best anti-aging products, topical vitamin c serum delivers a wide range of beneficial effects. While the marketplace has already been fully bombarded with a long roster of anti-aging products and solutions, not all of them have been clinically proven to get results for the treatment of colored spots in the skin as well as in getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines. It is also for this reason that many people have been on the hunt for these kinds of products which make use of only natural ingredients.

Many experts recommend using Vitamin C serum on a daily basis since it helps prevent the damaged caused by the sun’s rays. A few drops of concentrated Vitamin C serum or cream should be applied to your skin daily BEFORE your moisturizer and sunscreen.

Topical Vitamin C also promotes an increase in collagen production and is believed to have the ability for reversing the aging process, by breaking through the skin’s surface to provide skin cells the essential energy for repair.

The benefits of including a Vitamin C Serum in your daily skin system include:

  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps reverse the signs of aging
  • Repairs and Protects your skin from Free Radicals
  • Increases Skin Elasticity
  • Helps Skin Clarity [acne and age spots]

In order for anti- aging benefits to be realized, it is vital that your Vitamin C serum contain at least a 10% L-ascorbic concentration with a pH level of less than 3. Doses lower than 10% will lose their effectiveness. Since Vitamin C is unstable, only buy Vitamin C packaged in opaque bottles.

Exposure to sunlight will cause the product to oxidize and break down becoming ineffective. When Vitamin C serums are fresh, they are mostly clear in color. They turn yellowish when spoiled, so avoid buying serums that are tinted yellow or orange. You will not be able to tell if the product has oxidized. Spoiled serums also begin to smell odd.

To make topical Vitamin C products more stable, skin care companies have been working to find alternatives to straight L-ascorbic acid since it has a problem with being stable. The antioxidising benefits that you get from vitamin C serum include the remarkable enhancement and protection from oxidation-related damages. Vitamin C serum will not only slow down the aging process, it can even reverse it to some extent as it improves the skin’s ability to hold onto fluid, which is the secret to reducing the progression of wrinkles and fine lines while encouraging younger-looking, glowing skin.

Learn More: http://www.amazon.com/Hyaluronic-Tripeptide-Percentage-Vitamin-C-Guarantee/dp/B00KYUXIOG/

Finding Garage Door Repair Services

garageHaving troubles with your garage door for quite some time now? Then perhaps it is about time to hire a repairman or expert for garage door services. While it is true that you can handle minor repairs at times, it is still best to pay for the services of an expert especially if it is already a recurring problem. The good news is, there are a lot of ways and places where you can find highly qualified garage door experts. Here is how you can find some of them.

Referrals or recommendations

Your first option would be to ask for referrals or recommendations from the people you know. You can ask your family and friends, especially those who have already hired garage door installation or repair service before. Their referrals and recommendations would serve as great leads and references because they are first hand information.

Local listings

It will also be a good idea to check the local listings. This way, you can get repairmen or contractors who are just near your place of home or business. That also means faster service and you can go to them whenever you may need in case you have questions, clarifications or follow up work.

You can check the local newspaper for this. Chances are, you will find the listings in the classified ads.

The internet

This is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to find experts on broken door repair services. Do a search, read reviews, and contact the companies you find who look legitimate and are well-reviewed.

Call them up

When you have your list of potential candidates, make sure you call each of them. Ask all the questions you can think of. Get a quote of the labor cost as well as an estimate for the replacement parts if necessary. Remember, this is part of the screening process to find the best repair service for your needs.

It is also just as important that you compare rates and packages. Find out which ones will give you the best value for your money.

In the end, you must know that it is best to leave certain things to the experts. Otherwise, you may cause more harm than good. In this case, if you tamper with your garage door instead of leaving it to professionals who specialize in warrantied repair, you may end up causing more damage.

So the moral of the lesson here is that you should know when to hire the services of experts and leave them to do the job.

6 Tips To Get An Accurate Psychic Reading

psychic connectionWith the hype of taking businesses online, psychic readers have also taken their psychic readings online. So, how do you select the right psychic reader to give you good, reliable information? And how do you trust that he or she is going to give you the right information? To ensure you land on a genuine and honest psychic and avoid fraudsters who will lure you into paying dearly for your fears, the tips below can help you with that.

1. Ask About the Charges

Know the charges involved before you begin, whether you agree on pre-paid rates or for an allotted time, just make sure you agree first.  Make sure to follow the guide on Psychic Review Center as well.

2. Begin with three minutes

While 180 seconds may seem like a short time, this is enough for the most accurate psychics to extract a lot from you and even tell you what he or she sees in the near future. In fact, most seers offer free sample reading so that if you like what you hear then you can request for more. If you get accurate and reliable information, then you can choose to continue.

3. Avoid Spilling Out Personal Information from the Beginning

This is rather self-explanatory. Most people make the mistake of volunteering all their personal details even before the seer gets an opportunity to tune into them. Instead, ask simple questions and try as much as possible to remain neutral throughout the process. Showing your emotions may also force the seer to hold back information that could be very important, for fear of upsetting you.

4. Stay calm

Your seer may ask you to close your eyes or sit in a certain way, all these are to help him or her connect with you and download vital information that you may find accurate. Just ensure you are relaxed throughout the process. Do not feel like you are obligated to rely on the seer’s predictions or advice. It could only be a prediction of events.

5. Go through Customer Testimonials from Seer’s Previous Clients

If available, customer feedback can be powerful. Try to find out whether the predictions came true.

6. Be Cautious about What Can/Cannot Be Predicted

The visions and predictions are based on emotions. Whatever you are thinking about or feeling can be “seen” psychically. However, no seer can predict free will in advance, and anyone who says otherwise is definitely misleading.

Lastly, after sitting down to hear predictions about your future, it is up to you to use your intuition to make decisions.  If you’re having trouble finding a reliable psychic, check out this Psychic source review from PsychicGurus.org .  Do not ask the seer what to do with the outcome of your psychic readings. But you may ask what would happen if you applied different approaches.

Maintain a Clean Pool in 4 Simple Steps

cleaning poolYour family pool requires routine maintenance just like anything else, especially since it’s outdoors and enduring various weather conditions. You may be currently experiencing the overwhelming feeling of an extremely dirty pool if you’ve failed to maintenance it properly or you may be reading this article because you’re trying to keep it clean the best way you know how but the method you’re using just isn’t doing the job. Either way, you’ve came to the right place.

There are certain procedures you need to apply to maintain your pool. It’s good to remember- a properly maintained pool is a clean and healthy pool. To keep your water fresh and clean instead of murky and slimy and prevent burning eyes or serious health hazards, you can either hire a Modesto pool service or follow these tips:

Balance Pool Levels

In order for your pool to be safe to swim in, you’ll need to balance the Calcium hardness levels, total Alkalinity and PH in your pool. You can do this by simply using a pool test kit. Properly balancing these levels prevents surface stains, scale formation, keeps your metal pool equipment from corroding and prevents skin and eye irritation.


The most common frustration pool owners seem to deal with when it comes to maintenance is algae and the unhealthy bacteria that comes along with it. However, this problem can be fixed if you simply Chlorinate your pool. When Chlorinating your pool, keep your Chlorine level between 1 and 4. Your pool’s Chlorine level should remain between these two levels at all times. Be sure not to over-Chlorinate your pool water because while Chlorinating your pool can keep it algae and bacteria free, too much Chlorine can pose serious health risks. There a various ways you can Chlorinate your water such as using Chlorine tablets or liquid Chlorine. You can also apply algaecide to your pool to kill out any algae and keep it from returning. Keeping algae out of your pool prevents your filters from getting clogged as well.

Shock Your Pool

You should shock your pool once a week to keep your water clear and your pool decontaminated and clean. Shocking your pool helps break down and eliminate products such as sunscreen and cosmetics that can’t otherwise be cleaned back out. It also helps rid of your pool’s Chlorine odor.

Skim Your Pool

The last step is skimming debris and occasionally large bugs, such as beetles, out of your pool. While chemicals do the majority of the pool maintenance work for you, there are some debris such as leaves you’ll have to get out of the pool yourself. However, there’s a product called a pool skimmer that makes this extremely easy and fast to do. Simply take the pool skimmer, also called a pool net, and skim it across the pool catching any floating debris.

Financial Theft In The Digital Age

id thiefFinancial theft through stolen identities happens all over the internet. It destroys the lives of victims. Giving out personal information to the wrong person is all it takes. People usually don’t even notice, until months later, that they’ve had their identity stolen. Most of the time identity theft occurs from traveling to illegitimate sites. It’s a serious problem on the internet. Once information is stolen, bank accounts can easily be wiped clean.

Internet Thieves

The internet is full of viruses, and if a person doesn’t use anti-virus software they’re likely to get hacked. There are many types of hacks used by an identity thief. Key loggers, viruses, and an assortment of genuine looking emails and webpages are the main types of hacks used by identity thieves. The arsenal of hacks available to an identity thief is not something to take lightly.

Deep Web Theft

The deep web harbors some of the worst identity thieves of all time. The deep web, which is accessed through the TOR browser, is infested with identity thieves. The easiest way for an identity thief to take your information on the deep web is for them to get you to download an infected file. Once that file is on your computer they can key log your entire computer. This key logging of data leads to the theft of emails, passwords, financial data, and sometimes even a users location.

Deception Online

Deception is a powerful tool in the arsenal of ID Theft. It’s always good to use a site checker to check if a site is too good to be true. Identity thieves are often pros at confusing users into giving out personal information. They do this by sounding sincere, and promising great rewards if the user submits information about themselves online. Redirecting internet traffic in public places is another route some identity thieves take to steal information online. Deceptive public networks, and unsecured local networks should always be avoided.

Ways To Protect Yourself

Using Tails OS is the best way to protect yourself and your finances. Tails OS is a special linux operating system that is entirely encrypted. It is the safest operating system to use in the world. It is highly recommended that you instal anti-virus software and use a VPN to protect your data if you are using any other type of operating system.

3 Important Reasons To Purchase A Home Security System

home burglarNowadays, many people are beginning to purchase home security systems to help protect their homes and give them a sense a security. There are many very good reasons as to why many people should do this, however there is still a huge amount of people who have decided to stray away from these systems. Many people think they are too expensive and others just see no need for them, as they feel like just simply locking their doors at night will stop thieves and trespassers from entering their homes. Security systems have many benefits and it important that everyone begin to purchase and use them, as they can make a huge difference in one’s life.

Providing Families with Peace of Mind

The number one reason people purchase and use security systems is to protect those they love most; their family and friends, especially, older loved ones. Many families live with seniors that need help getting around, which would mean someone would constantly have to stay with their older loved one and supervise them. However, with security systems seniors can stay home alone because there is always protection within the system, as someone is supervising the home and everyone in it 24/7. Also, imagine if anyone was home alone and something terrible happened and they weren’t able to help themselves. With a security system, situations like these can easily be solved, as help would be sent right away. Overall, security systems can provide your loved ones with great protection and peace of mind.

Having Someone Else Monitor Your Home

Many families are not able to take vacations because they have no one to monitor their homes while their gone or they just don’t feel safe leaving the home. However, what most people don’t know is that with security systems homes can be monitored. Security systems nowadays are able to track any suspicious movements and other systems even have connection with companies to allow employees to watch over a family’s home 24/7 when the owners are gone. This makes things way easier for super busy families who are always out of the home and also for those who want to take vacations. Overall, it is important to have homes monitored in order to ensure the safest protection and with the help offered from home security systems, people now can!

Protecting Home Valuables

Lastly, another good reason to purchase a home security system is so that home valuables are protected. Many people own very important items that need to be protected. Plus, with the rate of burglars rising in American, it would be a great idea to purchase a home security system, in order to feel safe and be ensured that your valuables stay put and safe.  Take a look at some Frointpoint Security reviews and see if that home security system is what you’re looking for.

Overall, there are many greats reasons as to why it would be wise to purchase a home security system, but the main idea is to make sure that you, your family, and your valuables stay safe.

Essay Help For Your College Applications

The teachers essay is a very important part of the application process in today’s world. The college essay can be more important than your SAT or ACT scores. A well written, planned and thoughtful essay can catapult your application to the head of the line. So don’t treat the preparation of your college essay lightly, make in order to properly organize, write and rewrite your essay. The rewards is actually amazing.

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They offer the website owner an ability to control means the webpages are being described by some search engines and also prevent the pages from being indexed. That they don’t have a book review section, start one. The 370 recipes all include natural, unprocessed, and healthy ingredients, and in addition also include color photos of this finished meals. Be professional too as appreciative in function. Be fair and honest! This has forced students in seeking the review writing the assistance of essay writing help manufacturers.

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college essay help However, for anyone really pushed for time, you can complete a job in seven consecutive days. If you have a more complex project to complete, you can use the plan, but include extra days for research, reading and writing.

When first you have to write a college essay, wish to be unsure about many solutions – how should you choose set out, how long should it be, what is write an easy essay most likely a report? And how should I quote personal references?

Okay, had been an associated with information. But, it’s entire easier to read that then spend a semester in the class where the professor tells you stuff prefer that everyday.

How To Use Your IRA To Invest In Gold

An individual retirement account (IRA) provides an individual with the ability to invest in a tax advantaged manner either through deferring the tax impact of gains into later years or through investing in tax advantaged ways. Unlike 401k plans, IRAs allow individuals to invest in a wide variety of funds or investment options. Some investors seek the stability provided by gold and seek to add gold to their portfolio, as well as the inflationary benefits of owning gold and the added diversification that it provides to your retirement assets. While you cannot use your IRA account to purchase gold coins that you deposit in a safe deposit box, thergold irae are alternative ways of investing in gold in your IRA account.

Common Stocks in Companies Dealing in Gold

Certain investors attempt to obtain exposure to gold by investing in mining companies that extract gold from the ground. These mining companies own mining rights or areas where there are both known and unknown gold reserves that are extracted by the mining company. When gold increases in value, the mining company earns more money that it distributes through dividends or the stock price appreciates, thereby providing the investor with exposure to gold. Despite the exposure to gold provided by a gold mining company, there are limitations associated with owning a gold mining company. The first is that these gold miners often mine other metals which may not be correlated with gold prices. Secondly, there are company specific risks such as the quality of company management or the quality of the mine that can also impact the stock price of the mining company. As such, situations may occur where gold appreciates in value but the gold mining stock decreases. This can work to your advantage however as quality management can outperform gold prices by having a lean and efficient operation. However, a benefit to owning a gold mining company is that they are easy to purchase in your IRA account and provide some exposure to gold.

Gold ETFs

A recently new financial innovation is an investment vehicle known as an electronically traded fund (ETF). ETFs act similar to mutual funds in some situations where an individual purchases a share in an ETF which then makes investments on behalf of the investor. ETFs typically have lower fees than mutual funds and are easy to purchase in an IRA. There are some that provide exposure to a variety of different investment classes including gold. One of the better ways to invest in gold through an gold ETF is by owning shares in an ETF that holds gold bullion. The ETF will effectively purchase gold bars and store them at warehouses, charging an investor a storage and management fee. If the value of the gold it holds increases, the gold ETF increases in value, thereby providing investors with a directly correlated gold investment.


There are many different ways that an investor can own gold through an IRA account including the purchase of a gold mining company or through ownership of an gold ETF that acquires and stores gold bullion. Convert your IRA to gold using one of these investment vehicles and benefit from the inflation hedge and added diversification gold provides to investors saving for retirement.